Felix Rippy – A Brief Overview of Texas Divorce Proceedings


Texas Divorce Proceedings pic

Texas Divorce Proceedings
Image: divorcesource.com

An experienced family lawyer, Felix Rippy is pursuing a doctorate in public and environmental affairs at Indiana University. During his time as an attorney in Mason, Texas, Felix Rippy had more family law filings than any practitioner in the history of Williamson County.

Residents should make themselves aware of several things of before initiating divorce proceedings in the State of Texas. To start, individuals must know that divorce is a timed process. A minimum of two months must pass between filing a petition and receiving an actual divorce from the court, though most proceedings last from six months to one year, if not longer.

Texas does not recognize legal separation as a marital status, which means all assets and debts remain communal regardless of whether or not a couple has ceased living together. Texas does, however, allow for no-fault divorce, meaning a divorce can be granted without either party having to prove some fault as a grounds for the separation. To better prepare for divorce proceedings in Texas, or any state, individuals should contact a trusted family law professional. Felix Rippy will point out that “no fault” does not mean, as is often misunderstood, that grounds for the divorce, like adultery, are irrelevant, but rather that these grounds are not a necessity for granting a divorce.


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