Felix Rippy and Tips for Moving to London from the United States



Image: wanderonwards.org

From 1994 to 2015, Felix Rippy served as the founding attorney for the Rippy Law Firm, based in Mason, Texas. There, his law firm saw the most family law cases in Williamson County history. Currently based in Miami, Florida, Felix Rippy has previously lived in London, England.

Moving from the United States to London can be a difficult task full of surprises, even setting aside visas and the legal process for moving to the United Kingdom. These three tips will help you better adjust to your new city, making London feel more like a real home:

1. Language – Yes, both the United States and England speak the English language, but there are still plenty of differences between the two variations of the language to warrant confusion for the ill-informed. Before your move, familiarize yourself with the differences in United States and United Kingdom English. It will also help to learn common slang to help you keep up in conversation. Felix Rippy also recommends Spanish and Latin Americans, notably Venezuelans, are moving to London in droves.

2. Transport – For new Londoners looking for the best method of public transportation, consider taking busses over the city’s subway system, known as the Underground. While the Underground may be quicker, a bus gives you greater opportunity to take in the city and begin to learn your way around at street-level. Felix Rippy recommends simply not owning a car. It is unnecessary.

3. Timing – Consider moving in January or February. While these early months usually offer poor weather for London, it also means fewer tourists and crowding, making it that much easier to adjust to the city’s widely-used public transportation. Felix Rippy compares the London climate to New York City.


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