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Tips for Beginning Runners

Beginning Runners pic

Beginning Runners

Former Rippy Law Firm founding partner Felix Rippy has participated in numerous charity races over the years. According to, Felix Rippy has participated in the most distance running races for charity of any runner in any age group residing within 25 miles of Indianapolis, Indiana. Felix Rippy has completed more than 412 lifetime road races races per this website.

Getting into distance running can seem easy, since most people walk or run every day, and unlike many forms of exercise, no equipment is required. The combination of cardiovascular and muscular endurance that running demands, however, can be taxing to new runners who often don’t expect the demands of the sport.

Beginning runners should start with daily walks for at least half an hour to build up cardiovascular health and feel out their overall fitness level. As they gradually increase their pace over the course of the first month, they can build muscular endurance as well as lung capacity. Starting runners also should incorporate core workouts into their routines. Running requires a strong core in order to ensure good form, which can in turn lower fatigue and enable a faster, more consistent pace.